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Greg Hardy signs with Dallas Cowboys

Greg Hardy is officially off the market.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After much waiting, we finally have an answer on the Greg Hardy situation. The oft-discussed pass rusher will be headed to Dallas, with the Cowboys officially announcing the move. There had previously been reports the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be in the mix, but after arriving for a Tuesday visit, Hardy never left.

Pro Football Talk is reporting it is a one year deal for the league minimum, but incentives could push it up to $13.1 million. However, there is still a decent chance Hardy gets a six-game suspension for last year's incident. The NFL has not officially announced anything thus far.

Hardy adds some serious giddy-up to the Cowboys pass rush. It will be interesting however, to see the response given Hardy's alleged domestic violence incident. He was found guilt in a bench trial, but on appeal to a jury trial (a quirk of North Carolina law), charges were dropped when the prosecutor was unable to find the alleged victim. That has led to plenty of speculation as to what the real situation is, but either way, there will be plenty of chatter.

Hardy missed most of last year while on the commissioner's exempt list. In 2013, he had 15 sacks, and in 2012 he had 11 sacks. Whatever people are inclined to believe about his legal issues, talent was going to win out eventually. The 49ers were briefly connected to Hardy by Jason Cole, but general manager Trent Baalke quickly shot it down, saying they had not spoken to Hardy, and did not have interest at that time.