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NaVorro Bowman playing some basketball

With the 49ers returning for the offseason workout program in April, this strikes me as a potentially good sign.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

This is certainly a good sight to see. NaVorro Bowman posted this video to Instagram in which he is playing basketball, showing off some of his shake and bake on the court.

This obviously does not guarantee he will be back on the football field at 100 percent when the San Francisco 49ers hit the practice field next month for the offseason workout program. That being said, this is a good thing to see. He does not put crazy moves on the defender, but to see him moving around on that leg is a good sign. He has been rehabbing for a little over a year now, having had surgery in February of 2013 2014. We cannot count on any guarantees, but a little optimism is not the worst thing right now!

The 49ers return to Santa Clara for the the offseason program as early as April 6. The first couple weeks are strength conditioning work, coupled with rehab for injured players. After that the players and coaches start getting into the football school portion of things. That second phase is when we start to get a better handle on where Bowman is in his return.

Ima get it right back

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