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Reggie Bush signs 1-year deal with San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have themselves a new running back. What do you expect from Reggie Bush in 2015?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally official. The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of running back Reggie Bush to a 1-year contract. The dollar figure has not been reported yet, and the NFLPA does not have it in its database. The numbers will be likely be reported at some point this week, at which point we will have a better handle on Bush's situation.

Earlier today, David Neumann broke down some film and was not optimistic about Bush's contributions in 2015. Plenty have and will continue to disagree with that, while others are skeptical of an assessment before Bush has suited up with the team. While I am hopeful for the best with Bush, I don't think it is stunning people might be skeptical about a 30-year old running back with durability issues.

If Bush can stay healthy, I do think an adjusted 49ers offense could benefit from having him. Of course, that depends on the team actually instituting things like screen passes on a more regular basis. I'm not looking for 15 screens a game, but it has been an ignored part of the playbook. It was in the playbook because the team tried them at times, but it seemed to happen no more than once or twice a season during the Harbaugh/Roman era. Let's hope the team considers it a little more frequently under Geep Chryst.