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That time Darnell Dockett said he would go to the Seahawks for less money

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Back during the offseason leading up to the 2010 season, there was some chatter as to the future of Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett. He was signed through 2011, but was looking for a new deal. He eventually signed a 4-year contract extension that would have kept him in town through 2015. The team ended up releasing him last week, and now he is visiting the San Francisco 49ers Monday evening.

Darnell Dockett also happens to be very active on Twitter. He interacts with people, and tweets some of the most randomly crazy stuff there is. One reason to get him to sign with the 49ers is to pay even closer attention to his Twitter account.

During that offseason in 2010, he got into discussions with various fans about his future. A 49ers fan asked him if he would sign with the 49ers if they offered him big money. Eric Branch pulled the quote, in which Dockett said, "ill take less and go play with Pete carrol seattle!" I can't find Dockett's original tweet, but here are some tweets by other people about it.

I also happened to tweet about it. An NN follower found it and mentioned it to me. I did not really say anything particularly shocking, but nearly five years later, it is kind of funny to look back. It is entirely possible Dockett uses other teams to leverage a better deal with the Cardinals, but we'll see.

Fooch's update: Someone reminded me of this tweet from two months prior to May. Dockett basically just enjoys messing with everybody. Works for me.