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Levi's Stadium was not built on an American Indian burial ground, but....

It almost impacted a burial ground, so I am just going to presume the 49ers pissed off somebody.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The news that Chase Thomas has torn his ACL is bad news for Thomas, but for the 49ers it is not quite on the level of Chris Borland and Patrick Willis retiring. I feel bad for the guy, but from a purely football standpoint, we treat different players differently when injuries happens. It's not fair, but it happens.

However, the injury is just one more piece of bad news in what has been a pretty ugly offseason for the 49ers. At times the retirements, injuries and departures have made it seem like the 49ers are a cursed organization. There have been plenty of jokes about the curse of Candlestick Park, and the idea that Levi's Stadium was built on a burial ground.

While Levi's Stadium was not built on a burial ground, it turns out the stadium almost impacted one. Back in late 2013, the 49ers realized they had some issues with parking. They were looking to turn a nearby soccer field into parking, and in turn that soccer field would be relocated to Ulistac Natural Preserve. That preserve apparently included a burial ground for Ohlone Indians. There were protesters hoping to prevent the move from happening.

It is hard to find updated information, but I came across an update from the middle of 2014. A ballot measure passed that would seem to preserve the area, and a January 2015 Facebook update indicates the area is no longer under consideration for development.

While the 49ers and Levi's Stadium did not take over the area with the burial ground, I suppose we can just presume they pissed somebody off along the way. A combination of that and the departure from Candlestick Park clearly is the reason for all these problems. I'll just keep telling myself that. It won't make me feel any better, but it would at least give us some reason for what has been the craziest offseason possibly in NFL history.