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NFL mock draft databse 2015: Defensive line is all the rage for the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers defensive question marks are highlighted in our latest mock draft database.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We are ten days into NFL free agency, and the San Francisco 49ers most notable move was the addition of wide receiver Torrey Smith. The 49ers entered the offseason with question marks on offense, and they quickly addressed it in free agency.

Prior to free agency, our Niners Nation mock draft database had the team focused on wide receivers. They included several cornerbacks, defensive linemen and offensive linemen, but wide receiver was the big pick. Ten days into free agency, that is no longer the case. As the 49ers defense has taken hit after hit from departures, our list of mock drafts have swung decidedly to the defensive side of the ball.

Two weeks ago, our database was led by 11 wide receiver picks, followed by seven defensive line picks. This week, there are no wide receiver picks, and 14 defensive line picks. Of those 14 DL picks, seven are Arik Armstead and four are Malcom Brown. Defensive line is followed by five cornerbacks, two offensive lineman, an outside linebacker and a running back.

The defensive line pick makes a lot of sense, but it always feels like the more popular the pick in the mock draft database, the more likely it is that the 49ers go a different direction. Maybe the position ends up the same, but a different player. Who knows, but I fully expect Trent Baalke to zag when we are looking for a zig. Check out our database HERE.