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Reggie Bush contract could be worth as much as $2.5 million

The newest 49ers running back gets some guaranteed money, but also has plenty to earn.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of running back Reggie Bush earlier this week, and it sounds like numbers are finally coming out. According to Jason LaCanfora, the one year deal could be worth as much as $2.5 million.

LaCanfora is reporting the deal includes a $500,000 signing bonus and a $1.6 million base salary. $500,000 of his base salary is guaranteed, which means he is getting $1 million fully guaranteed. He also has a $300,000 roster bonus (paid out over 16 games) and a $100,000 workout bonus. For comparison's sake, the Lions were set to pay Bush $3.25 million in base salary this year, along with a $250,000 roster bonus.

While Bush is getting older, making the roster seemed like a pretty good possibility even before word of the $1 million in fully guaranteed money. Now it is a matter of seeing how the 49ers use him, and what it means for the offensive philosophy. Bush's addition likely does not mean a major shift in philosophy, but I would hope it means a little more creativity. With the right play-calling, we'll see whether or not Bush brings enough to the table.

Reggie Bush contract

Signing bonus: $500,000
Base salary: $1,600,000 ($500,000 guaranteed)
Roster bonus: $300,000 (paid $18,750 per game)
Workout bonus: $100,000
Cap hit: Since Bush missed five games last year, I think that technically makes 5/16 of his roster bonus "not likely to be earned", which would mean we subtract $91,875 from the total value for the current cap value. That would provide a cap value of $2,406,250, but the 49ers would need to have the $91,875 in space if Bush is active all 16 games. I am not positive a bout this.