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Jarryd Hayne working out with Colin Kaepernick in Arizona

One of the newest members of the San Francisco 49ers has joined Colin Kaepernick for offseason workouts. It might be more interesting that a couple other position players are down there.

Matt King/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is down in Arizona conducting workouts in advance of the team's official offseason workout program. And it would appear he has a new teammate down there. Kap posted the below photo to Instagram, featuring a handful of players working out at the EXOS facility, and new 49er Jarryd Hayne is among the players.

There is no word what specific work they have been involved in. Obviously there is strength and conditioning work, but I do wonder what kind of running back or returner work Hayne is able to get in at this point.

Speaking of that, there might be more valuable players down there for Hayne's purposes. The picture includes wide receiver/returner Ricardo Lockette and running back Alfonso Smith. I don't expect either to be able to teach Hayne all the nuances of the positions, but they both have experience that could be valuable for Hayne. That raises the question of whether Hayne should wait to learn more running back skills from Tom Rathman, or if it is worth talking with Smith and Lockette. Neither has emerged as a big player in the league, but they each have actual football experience.

There is always the concern about learning bad habits, but I imagine there is something to be gained in brief talks with guys like Smith and Lockette.