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Will the 49ers trade up, trade down, or stand pat with pick No. 15 2015 NFL Draft?

Trent Baalke is a man who likes to move around in the NFL Draft. Will we see him maneuver with the team's first round pick?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We have been taking a look at various mock drafts as the offseason has worn on, and that has led to plenty of trade chatter. The San Francisco 49ers addition of wide receiver Torrey Smith filled a fairly significant hole, and it seems like the team has stocked up on an assortment of cornerbacks. Either position could still be supplemented early in the draft, but the 49ers do have some flexibility.

As free agency has worn on, this has resulted in some discussion about what the 49ers might do with pick No. 15. The discussion has turned more and more toward a trade down from No. 15. Trent Baalke is a hard one to predict, and with several potential positions to consider in the first round, some movement would not be surprising.

I have included a poll below asking for a prediction on what you think WILL happen with the pick. However, for discussion purposes, what do you think is the best use of that pick? The 49ers have some holes to fill on the roster, but in reality, they could look for a variety of depth options. Even if Justin Smith retires, they could be content with Darnell Dockett and some combination of Tank Carradine, Quinton Dial and Tony Jerod-Eddie on the end. They could be fine with their current contingent of cornerbacks coming out of the gate.

The team can find an impact starter in the first round, but does it make sense to move down and acquire some additional valuable picks? A sizable move down in the first round could net a future first or some handful of other strong current and future picks. There are tempting arguments both ways. Personally, I am a fan of adding more picks to boost the number of chances a team has of hitting on players. But I also know people have their draft crushes at that 15th pick that they would love to see on the roster.