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Saturday evening wind down

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we are two weeks into free agency, things have quieted down to some extent. We had the first day rush, the end of week second phase, and then this past week's business. Now things settle into a bit of a lull. We'll see some more signings here and there, but for the most part it will be fairly sporadic until June 1, when players no longer count for the comp pick formula.

For the 49ers, it has been a wild time. I'm sure there will be plenty more to happen, but hopefully for now we can kind of enjoy a Saturday evening. It's NCAA tournament so that will be something to continue enjoying. My bracket did not entirely fall apart the first couple days, but I'm sure that will happen. As this article publishes, Villanova-NC State is wrapping up, Georgetown-Utah is behind that, North Carolina-Arkansas just tipped a bit ago, and Notre Dame-Butler wraps up the evening.

Feel free to use this as a general open thread. I'm going out with some friends for a birthday party, which I'm sure means something will go down. Hopefully we can avoid some insanity, at least for a day. I can live with the craziness, but I'd at least like a few days between crazy events. Doesn't that seem reasonable?