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NFL Veteran Combine premieres Sunday with 100 players competing for roster spots

The NFL Veteran Combine premiers on Sunday. We look at the full list of players, and how to watch the event.

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The NFL owner meetings take place this week, and they are preceded by a new event: the NFL Veteran Combine. The Combine is currently happening, and NFL Network will air a look at what went down at 5 p.m. PT tonight. You can also check it out on the NFL Mobile app through Verizon.

This event features an assortment of veteran free agents looking to get back into the league. These are primarily players that have been out of the league, or on practice squad in recent years. The players (full list below) are likely end of roster players. They would likely be fighting for that 52nd or 53rd spot on the roster.

That is a precarious existence, but this event will provide them a chance to show their skills for teams. There are at least a couple roster spots available on most teams. Rosters will fill up with draft picks and undrafted free agents, but there is a spot for a veteran minimum player in the offseason.

The problem for many of these players is teams are more likely to pick a UDFA or late round pick to fill the role they might otherwise handle. They would save as much as $300,000 or $400,000 between a rookie and a third or fourth year veteran. That is not a ton of money, but when you can roll over extra cap room, and use it to lessen signing bonus impact, it makes sense to go with the cheaper option.

Some of these veterans will find jobs this fall, but the current NFL CBA was not created to benefit them. The rookie wage scale has pushed plenty of veterans out of the league because of the savings. It does not impact everybody the same way, but it still impacts players. I want to try and look back in September to see how many of these players end up on a 53-man roster.

Armstrong, Matt, C, Grand Valley State
Carter, Sherman, C, Tennessee State
Foster, Jason, C, Rhode Island
Gallington, Deveric, C, Texas Tech
Golic, Mike, C, Notre Dame
Gottschalk, Ben, C, Southern Methodist
Pocic, Graham, C, Illinois
Van Roten, Greg, C, Pennsylvania
Berry, Aaron, CB, Pittsburgh
Burton, Brandon, CB, Utah
Carr, Deveron, CB, Arizona State
Edwards, Kip, CB, Missouri
Lee, Saeed, CB, Alabama State
Love, Jordan, CB, Towson
Lyn, Keon, CB, Syracuse
Patrick, Johnny, CB, Louisville
Posey, Julian, CB, Ohio
Reid, Greg, CB, Valdosta State
Sullen, Jordan, CB, Tulane
White, Ryan, CB, Auburn
Anderson, Jamaal, DE, Arkansas
Brown, Sammy, DE, Houston
Carriker, Adam, DE, Nebraska
Cox, Rakim, DE, Villanova
Mims, Tevin, DE, South Florida
Paulhill, Shahid, DE, Temple
Rayford, Caesar, DE, Washington
Roh, Craig, DE, Michigan
Sam, Michael, DE, Missouri
Black, Larry, DT, Indiana
Collins, Nate, DT, Virginia
Forston, Marcus, DT, Miami
Harris, DaJohn, DT, Southern California
Jerideau, Byron, DT, South Carolina
Minter, Zach, DT, Montana State
Thompson, Everrette, DT, Washington
Troup, Torell, DT, Central Florida
Moore, Dan, FB, Montana
Pryor, Lonnie, FB, Florida State
Unga, Harvey, FB, Brigham Young
Dominguez, Ray, G, Arkansas
Goodin, Stephen, G, Nebraska-Kearney
Huey, Michael, G, Texas
Morris, Darius, G, Temple
Wells, Justin, G, St. Augustine's
White, Ian, G, Boston College
Baker, Chris, LB, East Carolina
Copeland, Brandon, LB, Pennsylvania
Devitto, Steele, LB, Boston College
Doughty, Jake, LB, Utah State
Dowtin, Marcus, LB, North Alabama
Drakeford, Darin, LB, Maryland
Fox, Dan, LB, Notre Dame
Glaud, Ka'Lial, LB, Rutgers
Keiser, Thomas, LB, Stanford
Kimbrough, Jeremy, LB, Appalachian State
Lutrus, Scott, LB, Connecticut
Rolle, Brian, LB, Ohio State
So'oto, Vic, LB, Brigham Young
Steward, Phillip, LB Houston
Miller, Jordan, NT, Southern U.
Johnson, Jerrod, QB, Texas A&M
Kafka, Mike, QB, Northwestern
Kay, Brendon, QB, Cincinnati
Price, Keith| QB, Washington
Robinson, Zac, QB, Oklahoma State
Thomas, Darron, QB, Oregon
Wilson, Tyler, QB, Arkansas
Bush, Michael, RB, Louisville
Hampton, Jewel, RB, Southern Illinois
Hines, Quentin, RB, Akron
Jones, Felix, RB, Arkansas
LeShoure, Mikel, RB, Illinois
Scott, Da'Rel, RB, Maryland
Wood, Cierre, RB, Notre Dame
Mcmillian, Jerron, S, Maine
Mitchell, Charles, S, Mississippi State
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi, S, Indiana, Pa.
Sebetic, Kyle, S, Dayton
Silva, Mana, S, Hawaii
Starling, Jawanza, S, Southern California
Young, Joe, S, Rutgers
Aladenoye, Josh, T, Illinois State
Breckner, Jack, T, Gustavus Adolphus
Foketi, Manase, T, West Texas A&M
Harris, Randall, T, Towson
Childers, Jamie, TE, Coastal Carolina
Momah, Ifeanyi, TE, Boston College
Ogbuehi, Emmanuel, TE, Georgia State
Veldman, Matt, TE, North Dakota State
Walker, Dallas, TE, Western Michigan
Waters, Eric, TE, Missouri
Adams, Joe, WR, Arkansas
Anderson, Joe, WR, Texas Southern
Gadsden, Ben, WR, Miami
Jean, Lestar, WR, Florida Atlantic
Johnson, Darius, WR, Southern Methodist
Kurihara, Tukashi, WR, No College
Mayo, Thomas, WR, California, Pa.
Mitchell, Carlton, WR, South Florida
Slaughter, Nathan, WR, West Texas A&M
Steelman, Trent, WR, Army
Williams, LaQuan, WR, Maryland