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NFL mock draft 2015: Does Jim Tomsula mean anything for a first round defensive line pick?

The San Francisco 49ers promoted their defensive line coach into the head coach role. If the team went with a high pick on a defensive lineman, will Jim Tomsula's new role impact it?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

April is only a week away, which means we are approximately five weeks away from the 2015 NFL Draft. Free agency has slowed to a crawl, and the San Francisco 49ers are likely more or less done with significant free agency additions. While NFL mock drafts are never going to be all that accurate, they at least have a little more useful information to use in considering each team's draft needs.

Dan Kadar posted his latest 2015 NFL mock draft at SB Nation, and he once again has the 49ers selecting Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead. Rather than discuss his justifications for each pick, Dan provides a brief scouting report for each player. Here is what he had to say about Armstead:

At 6-foot-7, Armstead can be an intimidating force along the defensive line. When he's playing hard, he has impressive power and can throw offensive linemen around with a single hand. What's especially impressive about Armstead is how well he moves around for a player his size. In many ways he's a lot like Calais Campbell of the Cardinals. He gets by with his strength, but has surprising quickness and speed. Moving forward, Armstead will have to be more consistent and not get caught taking plays off.

One frequently mentioned point in regard to Armstead is that he is still raw and has development in front of him. That is not the end of the world, but if a team wants an immediate impact player, some don't see Armstead as that kind of option.

The 49ers promoted Jim Tomsula into the head coach role. He has been viewed as one of the best defensive line coaches in the NFL. He will still know the defensive line as well as anybody, but as head coach, will it matter enough if the team drafts a defensive lineman in the early rounds? I'd imagine Tomsula will still spend some time with the defensive line, but will it be enough to matter for developing the line?

The team hired Scott Brown to be their defensive line coach. The area strikes me as a little fuzzy because of the many more duties a head coach has. Over his time with the 49ers, Tomsula has done great work with the defensive line. I find myself wondering what exactly his involvement will be like with the line now that he has so many more responsibilities. What does that mean in turn for developing defensive line prospects?