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Colin Kaepernick QB coach speaks on his progress

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been working with a quarterback coach in Arizona this winter. The coach had some interesting comments recently.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners meetings are taking place in Arizona this week, and that has plenty of media on hand. The March meetings are generally the biggest of the year. There are NFC and AFC coaches breakfasts, and rule changes take place. This has several members of the San Francisco 49ers local media on hand.

This afforded Matt Maiocco an opportunity to speak with quarterback coach Dennis Gile. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick spent ten weeks in Arizona working with Gile and Mike Giavondo on various aspects of his quarterbacking skills. Kurt Warner was the most notable name he worked with in Arizona, but those two coaches were the guys he worked with day in and day out.

The interview is worth a read for some of the detail we get from Gile. Earlier today in the Golden Nuggets, there was a useful discussion about the interview. It is unlikely Gile would say anything negative about his program with Kap. However, as Ramon Suarez pointed out, Gile did offer up some specifics. He talked about how he would provide a suggestion to Kap, and the 49ers QB would make the necessary change and work with it. He talked about his almost photographic memory. He talked about consistency and efficiency.

There were certainly some buzz words mixed in, but it is still at least some semblance of detail worth noting. The bigger question is how this shows up come game day. No matter what Gile says to the media, we are going to wait and see what he can do on the field this fall. I am ever optimistic when it comes to Kap's development, and we only have 5+ months to wait and see how it plays out!