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NFL free agency rumors: 49ers have spoken with Lance Briggs

The San Francisco 49ers have another free agent linebacker on their radar.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It is a big day for San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker news and speculation. plans might have a second target on the free agent market. Matt Barrows is reporting the team has had some discussions with Lance Briggs. This follows earlier news that the team is bringing Erin Henderson to town for a visit, and does not plan on moving Ahmad Brooks inside at this time.

Briggs is from Elk Grove, California, and according to Barrows, he is interested in potentially playing for what would be his home town team. Briggs was a third round pick of the Chicago Bears, and spent 12 seasons with the team. He earned seven straight Pro Bowl berths from 2005 to 2011, and was named to an All Pro team in 2005, 2006 and 2009.

He has played a combined 17 games over the last two seasons due to a variety of injuries. In those 17 games, he had 105 tackles, three sacks (all in 2013), three forced fumbles, an interception, and nine passes defensed. PFF graded him out at +7.6 overall last season, grading +8.6 against the run, -0.6 in pas rush and -1.1 in pass coverage. In 2013, he graded out at +1.7 overall, grading +4.8 against the run, 1.8 in pass rush and -4.3 in pass coverage.

Briggs is most well known to many 49ers fans due to his involvement in a tampering scandal. The 49ers pursued him in free agency, but they were investigated for holding contract talks during the season. The 49ers claimed they tried to make a trade for him, and discussions were held with Drew Rosenhaus and the NFL's Management Council about a potential contract. The NFL came down against the 49ers and stripped the team of its 5th round pick.