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NFL comp picks 2015: 49ers get 2 picks for NFL Draft

The San Francisco 49ers were awarded two comp picks for the 2015 NFL Draft. Here is a full list of the 49ers picks for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced 2015 compensatory picks at the annual league meetings, and the San Francisco 49ers will receive two picks. The 49ers were awarded a fourth round pick as compensation for Donte Whitner's departure to the Cleveland Browns last year, and a seventh round pick for Colt McCoy's departure to Washington. The fourth round pick is the top comp pick of the around, No. 132 overall. The seventh round pick is No. 254 overall.

The formula for comp picks is fairly complicated, but it is determined using team gains and losses in free agency. The applicable players are those that became unrestricted free agents at the start of the new league year. That means if a player was under contract and released by the team, he does not count as a loss if he signs elsewhere. Additionally, for applicable unrestricted free agents, if they do not sign until after June 1, they no longer count in the formula.

The 49ers gains and losses broke down as follows:

Lost (4): Donte Whitner, Tarell Brown, Anthony Dixon, Colt McCoy

Gained (2): Antoine Bethea, Chris Cook

Fooch's update: I crossed out Cook and McCoy as the NFL press release does not include them among players factored into the formula.

Over The Cap previously projected the 49ers would only get one comp pick because the combination of Colt McCoy's salary and playing time seemingly dropped him too low. Instead, it worked out and the 49ers get the second comp pick in the seventh round.

The 49ers cannot trade their comp pick, but a fourth round comp pick does provide the team with some flexibility in maneuvering around their other middle round picks. The seventh round pick provides them a chance to land a potential priority UDFA before he hits the market. Here are the 49ers picks for the upcoming draft.

1 (15). Own pick
2 (14). Own pick
3 (15) or 4 (14). Own pick (likely giving up fourth round pick for Stevie Johnson trade
4 (27). Acquired from Denver Broncos in 2014 draft day trade
4 (33). Compensatory pick
5 (15). Own pick
6 (14). Own pick
7 (29). Acquired from Indianapolis Colts for Cam Johnson
7 (37). Compensatory pick