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Jim Tomsula talks about Colin Kaepernick on NFL Network

We continue to get little tidbits about Colin Kaepernick from various 49ers personnel. I still have no idea what to expect in 2015.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The annual March NFL owners meetings are underway, with owners voting on a variety of issues. However, it is also one of a few offseason opportunities for NFL head coaches to spend time with the media away from the team facilities. Coaches do press at the NFL Combine, and they will take part in conference coaches' breakfasts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula is in attendance, and he has had a chance to do some media. He spoke with the 49ers local writers, but he is also doing some bigger media. He sat down with Sam Wyche, and it sounds like his comments will show up on NFL Total Access. He had a chance to talk about quarterback Colin Kaepernick:

"When we go back to the criticisms on Colin -- look we were 8-8 last year. Everyone takes a big bite out of that sandwich ... Colin touches the ball every play. He's the guy when we win, he gets a little bit more than he probably should, and when we don't win, he gets more than he should.

"Statistically and all that kind of stuff, people throw those out there -- Colin had his best year, OK. Colin is working down in Arizona. He's a great dude. He's a real good dude. He's a good teammate. He's a neat cat. Colin's going to do real well. Colin's a great football player and even better person. We're really excited about Colin."

We could get into quite the discussion about his mention of Kap having his best year. Given the kind of stuff Jim Harbaugh threw out there in his media sessions, I think it is safe to not take a lot of of things too seriously.

That aside, there are plenty of questions marks about what to expect of the 49ers offense in 2015. Trent Baalke talked about running the ball a lot. Jed York has talked about emphasizing Kap's athleticism. And Baalke seems enamored by Kap's ability. It seems like Geep Chryst will be firmly in charge of the offense, although it remains to be seen how much of that will be impacted by input from Trent Baalke.

I expect a sizable amount of running, but what to expect from Kap? I am optimistic with a healthy offensive line, the addition of Torrey Smith, and hopefully the revitalization of Vernon Davis. It will take hitting on several things to really take a step forward, but the tools are there. I'm sure opinions will vary!