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49ers comp picks: What to make of the 7th round pick

The San Francisco 49ers have one of the final few picks of the 2015 NFL Draft. It could allow them to grab a priority rookie free agent.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced compensatory picks Monday evening, and the San Francisco 49ers received a pair of picks. They received pick No. 33 of the fourth round, and pick No. 37 of the seventh round. You can view the full list of comp picks HERE.

The fourth round pick is obviously a good one just because we are talking middle rounds when all kinds of talent can be found. The team can find talent in the seventh round, but a fourth round pick comes with higher expectations. The 49ers cannot trade it, but they can move around with the picks they have around it with relative ease.

The seventh round pick brings with it something a little more interesting, and a little harder to predict. When the 2015 NFL Draft comes to a close, there will be a mad scramble for undrafted rookie free agents. Saturday evening and all day Sunday will be filled with teams trying to land any and all free agents they can. There will be reports of players signing with one team, only for it to be contradicted a short while later with news of signing with another team.

With this late seventh round pick, the 49ers could potentially get a leg up on one of their priority free agents. As the draft is coming to a close, the 49ers will have a list of players they will pursue in free agency. They likely will speak with some of these players before the draft even ends just to express early interest. However, with that late seventh round pick, the 49ers can potentially grab a player they are eyeing particularly hard. It will come down to which players the 49ers think will be available when the market opens, and which player the 49ers think they will need to prioritize with the third to last pick of the draft.