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NFL makes minimal changes to instant replay, adds fixed camera research

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL continues to not sufficiently care about the product on the field, as they have voted down most of the proposals to improve instant replay. The league had several replay proposals that would have brought more plays under the purview of the replay system. The league voted down all but one of them. According to Greg Aiello, owners voted to add replay of the game clock at the end of a half, the game or overtime if there is more than one second remaining on the clock.

The NFL is about as slow as can be when it comes to improving the instant replay system. Owners seem scared of anything resembling notable change, which leaves us with a very imperfect system. I do think it is better than no system, but it continues to drive me crazy that they do not improve the system. I have had several people suggest the NFL prefers having some bad calls because it keeps people talking. That is the only reason I can think of for the NFL to not allow more plays to be reviewed. So long as the number of challenges is limited, game length would really not be a significant issue. But, that's life.

One area where we saw an incremental positive is adding fixed cameras around the field and on the goal lines. The league decided not to vote on the proposal, but instead to authorize more research on the matter. New York Giants owner John Mara said in a recent interview that there are concerns about cost and the different stadium configurations around the league. Research would make sense for the latter, but for a multi-billion dollar industry like the NFL to even hint that cost is an excuse is just comical.