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49ers schedule: Team requests back-to-back road games, are eligible to host weeknight prime time games

The San Francisco 49ers await their 2015 schedule, but in the meantime they have put in a request.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A day after we learned the Baltimore Ravens are hoping to get back-to-back road games against the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, we have some 49ers scheduling info. Jed York spoke with the media briefly, and said the team has requested the NFL schedule back-to-back road games for two of their non-divisional road games. That includes the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and New York Giants.

The 49ers have made a couple road trips like this in the past. They did it in 2011 between the Bengals and Eagles games, and in 2012 between the Vikings and Jets games. They did not do this last year. Both years, the team stopped over in Youngstown, Ohio for a few days. Youngstown is the home base of the DeBartolo family.

In other news, 49ers COO Al Guido said the team is now eligible for Monday and Thursday prime time games. The first year of life in Levi's Stadium involved some parking issues. The team had to use third party facilities to make up for some limited parking, and those options were not available week nights. However, Guido said the team has resolved that issue, and the team can once again host Monday and Thursday games. The 49ers did host a Thursday game in 2014, but it was Thanksgiving, so the week night issue was not in play because of the holiday.

The NFL schedule will be released in the next four weeks, and we'll get to see just how the NFL views the 49ers heading into 2015. If the team gets the maximum or near maximum number of prime time games, it might give us a hint that the NFL thinks the team will either be competitive, or at least provide intriguing storylines heading into the season.