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Golden Nuggets: Still Unsigned

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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After 2 weeks of free agency in the books, Michael Crabtree is still an unsigned free agent. Reports have been very quiet about what teams are interested in him. After the season he had, he probably lost himself quite a bit of money. The options available for him are not there since most teams are willing to wait to the draft to pick up a receiver. Teams can find quality wideouts that will not command the money Crabtree probably wants.

I would not be against Crabtree coming back to the team. His snaps will take a hit with Torrey Smith on the team. He has to been proven to be a productive football player. He's just not a #1 receiver. He had a terrible time last year catching the ball. He doesn't have elite speed. He can be a good possession receiver for the team if his hands come back to him. But the Niners seem to be determined to be a running team, so he may be better off signing a 1-year deal with a passing team to get his market value back up.

It will be exciting to see what Torrey Smith's speed can do for the offense. It's been awhile since the team had speed to make teams worry about the deep ball. Kap has the big arm to get the ball down the field. Hopefully Smith and Kap can build good chemistry. If Vernon Davis somehow finds some of his old form, the offense could be formidable. Yes, it's only the offseason, but I could see the offense doing well. Kap is a playmaker and the offense has talent. But they will have to put in the work to make it go.

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