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Golden Nuggets: Jim Tomsula speaks on a number of topics

Thursday, March 26, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. Jim Tomsula spoke to the media yesterday on just about everything that has been going on with the team over the past few weeks. Nothing he said was earth shattering, but It's always good to hear from an actual person rather than a press release. One of the highlights for me was his take on Reggie Bush. He is "not a gadget guy" according to Tomsula, and he sees him as a feature back. I disagree. I have said on here that if Reggie Bush is healthy, he can add a great dimension to the offense. But Reggie has never been a feature back, even at USC he was lightning to LenDale White's thunder. And this is where we can't trust anything coaches say on a player. In my mind, saying Reggie Bush is at his best as an all purpose player rather than a "Running Back" is not even close to an insult, but there has always been a negative connotation attached to being a change of pace or a "gadget player". At this point in the season, a coach is never going to say anything that could even possibly be misconstrued as an insult.

The other thing that Tomsula spoke on that caught my attention was that the team is not abandoning the 3-4 base defense. I was looking forward to getting some clarification on this in the wake of the Willis and Borland retirements. The 49ers went from having an embarrassment of riches at ILB to maybe having a good unit if NaVorro Bowman is healthy. There is two ways of looking at this. I thought it might be possible that they would switch to a 4-3 base due to loss of talent playing key roles in the 3-4. But on the other hand, the 49ers are probably less willing to make a switch now that they are already going to have to replace contributors. Changing the scheme on top of that is a little much for one off season. To the links!

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