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2015 NFL Draft prospect Randy Gregory failed Combine drug test

One of the big names in next month's draft tested positive for marijuana at the 2015 NFL Combine. That's not going to be good for his draft stock.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that we have our first knuckle-headed decision of the 2015 NFL Draft season. Nebraska defensive end/outside linebacker Randy Gregory failed his Combine drug test, testing positive for marijuana. His dad apparently got a letter in the mail from the NFL, and decided to call his son. The younger Gregory thought it was an invite to the draft so he had him open it up to read it. Turns out it was informing him of the failed drug test. Awk-ward!

Gregory has been projected into the top ten in many mock drafts, but now we'll get to see if he slips a bit from the test. I would imagine teams will not look at his use of marijuana as a problem, but the fact that he failed a test he knew was coming. He may not have known the exact time, but he knew he was getting a complete physical, including drug test at the Combine. Whatever your thoughts on legalizing marijuana, failing a drug test you know with 100 percent certainty is just...well, not good.

There could be a host of reasons for his failure. It could be an addiction issue, it could be a single moment of stupidity, or it could be a signal of a pattern of stupidity. The article above mentions there were some concerns mentioned at the Combine about off-the-field issues, so this certainly does not help matters.

Of course, this slip could get him down to the 49ers at No. 15. According to Tony Pauline, the 49ers met with Gregory after his Pro Day earlier this month. I don't know that they go pass rush in the first round, but Gregory is a heck of a talent. If they don't think this is a long-term issue, it would certainly be a big addition to the pass rush. Aldon Smith is only signed through 2015, Ahmad Brooks is nearing the end of his time with the 49ers, and Corey Lemonier slipped off the radar in his second season. Aaron Lynch is coming off a strong rookie season, but it is only one season. This group could use some depth.