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Friday evening: Getting ready for Wrestlemania, more NCAA tournament action

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Friday is coming to a close, which means the weekend is here for most folks. Things have been fairly quiet the last few days, which for 49ers fans is a good thing. Pro Days continue to roll along into early April. That will be followed by the 49ers Bay Area Pro Day, and then the mid-April schedule release. The draft follows at the end of April, and then we get into OTAs and minicamp. It is slow going, but things will pick up soon.

This is actually a pretty big weekend for sports, albeit not football. The NCAA tournament continues to roll along, with the Sweet 16 wrapping up tonight, and then the Elite 8 going on tomorrow and Sunday. I'm rooting for Kentucky to continue rolling, following their fairly historic beatdown of West Virginia on Thursday. Odds seem pretty good that we see a Kentucky-Duke championship game, but we'll see what the weekend brings.

For the Bay Area, Sunday is kind of huge. Wrestlemania 31 takes place at Levi's Stadium, kicking off at 4 p.m. PT (pre-show is before that). I'll be watching on WWE Network on Sunday, and we'll have some coverage of the event. It will not dominate the page, but I figure it's a cool event to host at Levi's Stadium, so I want to give it some coverage. There are some great matchups set for the event, and it should be a great crowd.