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Colin Kaepernick, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald arm wrestle with Cousin Sal on Jimmy Kimmel show

This video is a week old, but I wanted to share it anyway. Jimmy Kimmel does all sorts of random things with celebrities on his show, and he decided to have three NFL players arm wrestle Cousin Sal. Colin Kaepernick, Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald were all involved, and as you can see, Cousin Sal decided to do whatever it takes to win.

The idea was to arm wrestle him while trying to complete a VISA transaction on a cell phone. Sal knocked the phone out of Brees and Fitzgerald's hands to get the distraction for the win, but he took it a step further with Kap, deciding to "bite" his hand. I will assume he didn't actually bite him, but who knows what actually went down. Either way, it's kinda funny.