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San Francisco 49ers over/under: Colin Kaepernick yards and touchdowns

What do you expect from the 49ers quarterback in 2015?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing the recent trend of setting an over/under for San Francisco 49ers players and their stats, we should probably take a look at quarterback Colin Kaepernick, no? Obviously, Kaepernick is one of the hardest players to evaluate given all the other problems on the offensive side of the ball in recent years.

That said, there are definitely aspects of Kaepernick's game that were downright poor a season ago. No, his blocking wasn't stellar and no, the offense didn't seem seriously catered to his style of play. Receivers took too long to develop their routes, the dropbacks didn't seem to mesh with the routes being run and, of course, the 49ers were incredibly predictable. These all add to Kaepernick's struggles.

But we saw more and more struggles that we can definitely blame on Kaepernick, especially as the season went on. He abandoned the pocket when he had protection, he overthrew receivers, he ran carelessly with the ball, he hesitated before taking off to run whereas it seemed to come more naturally before and he did not seem to even make a show of progressing through is reads. Kaepernick locked on to one guy and one guy only on most plays, and that was the most frustrating thing.

I don't know what to expect out of the 49ers' offense going forward. I know that I think Vernon Davis will bounce back to some extent (not return to form, but be more than a big tree out there doing nothing) and I know that I am a huge fan of the Torrey Smith signing. Smith is the kind of receiver that Kaepernick needs, and I personally think that alone will lead to Kaepernick having a better season.

But we don't know how his blocking will look and we don't really know what kind of offense Geep Chryst has in store for us. Whatever the case, I'm expecting more out of him. That said, I'm not going to set a high over/under per se ... let's go with 3,200 passing yards, 600 rushing yards and 20 total touchdowns as the over/unders. That's expecting him to find the end zone more than last season, and get around the same yards. I'd personally bet the over, what say you?