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Kurt Warner briefly addresses Colin Kaepernick workout program

Kurt Warner had a chance to talk about some of the work Colin Kaepernick did over the last ten weeks. Here are a few of his comments.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers return to Santa Clara for their offseason workout program in a little over a week, which moves us closer to seeing what kind of changes Colin Kaepernick made over the last few months. Oscar talked about Dennis Gile's recent comments, and earlier today, we heard a little more from Kurt Warner.

Kap had a chance to work with Warner, albeit fairly briefly during his 10-week program. Warner was on hand at the NFL owners' meetings to promote NFL Network's coverage of Super Bowl 50, and spoke with Boston Globe NFL writer Ben Volin. He first spoke about what they worked on the last ten weeks:

"We tried to engage his lower half," explained Warner, one of the best pocket passers in NFL history. "As a quarterback, when you can throw with your body, you don't have to throw it 100 m.p.h. with your arm, and that's where the touch develops."

One of the big questions is how much could be changed in ten weeks, and how it will carry over. Warner tried to temper expectations:

"Talk about a guy that, however many years he's been playing the position, did it one way. And then we're going to change him in 2-3 months?" Warner said. "The 8-10 weeks, however long we worked together, is that enough time to be able to change things that you've been doing your entire career?"

The first real hint we'll get on where Kap is at will be in the second and third phases of the offseason workout program. The beat writers will get a chance to talk to Kap, and will likely report on what they see from him during practice. The first time we'll see anything with our own eyes will be during the preseason. Until then we get to wait and see what shakes out with this.