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Deion Sanders 49ers jersey is the most popular throwback in Hawaii

Could this be any more random?

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The folks at Mitchell & Ness put together a rundown of the most popular throwback jerseys they sell. They do not have anywhere close to every past player represented, but they have a lot of great jerseys. You can view the full rundown HERE, but here is a preview of the map:

I am not surprised Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers jersey is the biggest seller in California. I suppose Kobe Bryant would not have been a surprise given his popularity in other states, but Joe Montana is kind of a big deal.

The most random part of this map is that Deion Sanders's 1994 49ers jersey is the biggest seller in Hawaii. Could there be anything more random? Hawaii would be a random one given the lack of professional teams there, but of all the jerseys, how does Deion Sanders top the list? I honestly have no idea, but find this mildly hysterical.