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Wrestlemania 31 results: Damien Mizdow turns on The Miz; Tyson Kidd, Cesaro retain tag titles

Wrestlemania continued the strong push of the Brass Ring Club, as Cesaro and Tyson Kidd retained. We also got Damien Mizdow's turn on The Miz. It was part of an entertaining Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

Wrestlemania is off to a fun start after two big matches on the pre-show. The pre-show opened with Tyson Kidd & Cesaro retaining their tag team titles in Fatal Four Way tag team match. The was followed by Big Show claiming victory in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

The bigger story in the Battle Royal was Damien Mizdow finally turning on The Miz. The Battle Royal saw a final three of Mizdow, Miz and Big Show. The Miz tried to get Mizdow to team with him to eliminate Big Show, but Mizdow refused. The Miz yelled at him over and over again, pushing Mizdow to the brink. The Miz turned away for a moment, and Mizdow finally grabbed him and threw him out of the ring.

Mizdow almost had Big Show eliminated, but couldn't quite get the job done. A Big Show victory was disappointing as he really is not a guy who is going to be able to do much with it in terms of entertaining the fans. I'm sure we see him come out at Monday Night RAW talking a big game about it. But thankfully we did get the Mizdow turn. That should set up a fun feud with The Miz in the coming weeks.

The Fatal Four Way tag match saw plenty of the usual high spots you expect from these matchups. The wrestlers brought the right mix of strength and athleticism that allowed for an assortment of high spots. It culminated with Jey Uso (who had previously left the ring with an injury) hitting a splash on Big E. He had the pin, but Cesaro threw him out of the ring and got the pin on Big E for the win.