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Wrestlemania 31 results: Daniel Bryan wins Ladder Match for Intercontinental Championship

As would be expected, the Ladder Match was an exciting spot-fest. The match led off Wrestlemania 31, and saw Daniel Bryan get his hands on gold once again.

The WWE decided to get the Wrestlemania 31 broadcast off to a hot start. The ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship kicked off the show, and it was as exciting as expected. Daniel Bryan held off the other competitors to grab the belt. Bad News Barrett entered as champion, but the fans got their wish with Bryan walking away victorious.

The final run of events saw Bryan fight off several people from the ladder. Dolph Ziggler got his hands on Bryan at the top of the ladder, but after numerous headbutts against each other, Bryan finally knocked Ziggler off the ladder. He grabbed the title, and celebrated atop the ladder to the "Yes!" chants.

There were plenty of great high spots throughout a fun matchup. The craziest moment of the match had to be Dean Ambrose getting power bombed out of the ring and into a ladder. He was climbing the ladder when Luke Harper grabbed him and dumped him out of the ring. The doctors came to assist Ambrose, and it was one time where it might have been a legit injury. He landed primarily on his back, but it was pretty nasty.

Another great moment saw Stardust get superplexed off the ladder. It was easy to forget given Ambrose's later spot, but it was impressive. That was followed by a fun set of spots in which Bad News Barrett Bullhammered everybody at one point or another. The best one had to be when he pulled Dolph Ziggler off the ladder and into the Bullhammer.