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Wrestlemania 31 results: Randy Orton with huge RKO to defeat Seth Rollins

It was a wild one between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. The former Authority member took down Rollins with a huge RKO.

Randy Orton got a measure of revenge at Wrestlemania, defeating Seth Rollins with a pretty huge RKO. Rollins seemed to have Orton set up for a match-ending curb stomp. However, as he came down on Orton, the latter jumped up. This sent Rollins high in the air, and Orton RKO'd him to get the win.

J&J Security got into the action early, distracting Orton from the side of the ring. Orton got a couple shots in, and then executed a double DDT off the ring apron to the ground. That knocked J&J Security out of commission for a while. Of course, right after that happened, we saw the biggest early spot as Rollins dive through the middle rope and drive Randy Orton into the announcer table.

The two went back and forth for a while after that before Orton ended up outside the ring. While on the apron, Seth Rollins had kicked Orton knocking him to the ground. Rollins followed that by a pretty sick moonsault that further slowed Orton. After getting Orton back into the ring, Rollins had him set up from the top rope, but Orton was able to get up and crotch him on the turnbuckle.

As the match wore on, both wrestlers executed their finishing move, but both kicked out of the respective move. Orton got in an RKO, and Rollins then got in his curb stomp. Rollins seemed set to end this thing with a big moonsault, but it led to the final exchange. It culminated with one of the biggest RKOs we might ever see.

The question now is whether or not we see Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank suitcase later tonight after the main event.

Fooch's update: Here's the RKO to end the match