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Wrestlemania 31 results: HHH pins Sting in wild affair featuring DX, NWO appearances

Sting finally made his WWE in-ring debut, and it turned into a ridiculously overbooked, and yet wildly entertaining match. He faced off against HHH, who pulled off the win after nailing Sting with his sledgehammer. The match was turned into a no-DQ affair, and it resulted in a crazy match that saw seven different stars of the Monday Night Wars show up.

The match got off to a fairly slow start. Both sides were feeling each other out. There was some back and forth, with neither wrestler getting a particularly big edge on things. However, business picked up when Sting appeared set to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock. DX music proceeded to hit, and Billy Gunn, Jesse James and X-Pac all came running out. Sting cleared the ring, but HHH eventually took advantage to get in a Pedigree. Fortunately Sting kicked out.

Things only proceeded to get more absurd, as the NWO music played. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came out to even the odds for Sting. That seemed rather odd given the grudge between Sting and NWO, but this had a pretty clear YOLO vibe to it. And that was proven moments later when Shawn Michaels appeared out of nowhere to super kick Sting. HHH tried to crawl over for the pin, but Sting kicked out.

Things came to a wrap when HHH finally nailed Sting with the sledgehammer. He crawled over for the pin and got the 1-2-3. The post-match added a little more interest. All the wrestlers were in the ring, and it culminated with HHH offering a handshake to Sting. They shook hands, and that was a wrap. It was absurd and ridiculous, but so much fun.