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Wrestlemania 31 results: A.J. Lee, Paige defeat Bella Twins via submission

The divas got a solid spotlight midway through Wrestlemania, as A.J. Lee and Paige secured the win over Nikki and Brie Bella. Lee got the win as she got Nikki to submit to the Black Widow submission move.

The Bellas dominated early on, with both Nikki and Brie getting shots on Lee to force her to the ground outside the ring. While Lee was sidelined, the Bellas took their turns getting shots in on Paige. Eventually Paige was able to take control and finally tag in Lee. There was back and forth before Lee finally got the submission.

I was a little surprised they were not given a more extensive platform, but it was still a fairly fun matchup. The WWE will be bringing up some of their female talent from NXT, so it should make for more extensive action in the women's division.