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Wrestlemania 31 results: John Cena defeats Rusev after Lana distraction

The Bulgarian Brute lost his first match in the WWE, but should not lose much heat from the loss.

In a finish that was not surprising, John Cena defeated Rusev to win the United States Championship. This marked Rusev's first loss in the WWE.

Rusev dominated for most of the match, but Cena gained momentum after he broke out of the Acolyte submission move. The good news for Rusev fans is that he likely did not lose much heat with the loss. Lana jumped up on the ring apron, distracting Cena an the ref. Rusev went to take out Cena, and as he ducked, Rusev ran into Lana. Rusev turned around and walked right into a match-ending Attitude Adjustment. After the match ended, Rusev yelled at Lana and stalked off without her. It will be interesting to see how this rivalry proceeds, and particularly Lana's role in it.

Both Rusev and Cena had rather amazing introductions. And by amazing, I mean over the top and ridiculous. Rusev got the Ivan Drago treatment, coming out to the Russian national anthem. Oh, and he rolled up in a tank. It was as absurd and entertaining as it sounds.

Cena had his normal ring entrance, but it was preceded by a video that was as patriotic as could be. It included speeches from Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower. This summed it up best.