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NFL calendar could see change to date impacting free agency, comp picks

The NFL is considering a change to the NFL calendar that could have a modest impact on free agency and the comp pick formula. We break it down.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners meet later this month to discuss a variety of potential rule changes. The owners might make some adjustments to the league calendar that would have a fairly notable impact on free agency. Pro Football Talk is reporting the league might move up the pertinent comp pick demarcation point from June 1 to May 1.

In the current system, players who become unrestricted free agents on the first day of the league year (March 10 this year) and do not sign with a team by June 1 are removed from the compensation pick formula. That formula looks at free agents a team signs a loses. If a team has a net loss of free agents, they can receive one or more comp picks in the following year's draft.

Under the new rule, that June 1 date would be bumped up to May 1. The gain is that players can get into their new team's offseason workout program a lot quicker than in the past. While this rule primarily impacts veterans, they are still potentially learning a new playbook, and getting used to their new teammates. By moving this date up to May 1, players will join their teams a lot quicker, and only further boost their chances of making the roster.

Last year, the San Francisco 49ers signed Blake Costanzo on June 3, and saw center Jonathan Goodwin sign with the New Orleans Saints on June 2. I don't believe either would have impacted the comp pick formula, but I am not positive. Nonetheless, it makes it easier to get some of these veterans in and working a lot quicker. There is no word if this is something to be considered for this league year, or if it would go into effect next year (if approved).