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C.J. Spiller considers himself an ex-Buffalo Bills player at this point

The Buffalo Bills figured out their running back situation for the near future, and it means C.J. Spiller is expendable. Could the 49ers take a look at him? Maybe, but I'm not sure about the price.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's update - ESPN reporter Josina Anderson tweeted this out:

This is not exactly shocking news, but Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller does not expect to re-sign with the team. Spiller is a free agent, but he had thought there was a chance he might return to Buffalo. That was blown out of the water on Tuesday when the Bills acquired LeSean McCoy in a deal for Kiko Alonso. The deal cannot become official until next Tuesday when the new league year starts, but all indications are that it is a done deal.

Spiller was scheduled for a segment on NFL Network this afternoon, and it just so happened to be scheduled for a few minutes after word got out about the trade. Spiller came on for his segment and acknowledged his time with Buffalo had come to an end.

I missed it, but apparently Spiller said something about hoping Chip Kelly had his phone number. It sounds like he would be amenable to going to Philadelphia if the Eagles are interested.

Naturally, Spiller's expected departure got some 49ers fans wondering about Spiller if Frank Gore departs. Whenever a notable name is available, people ask about it. Just for the heck of it, I emailed our Bills blogger to get quick thoughts on Spiller. He had this to say:

He's a 10-15 average touch guy, who can tote 20-25 times in a game at a more limited effectiveness. I think he'd be at his best in a Sproles/Harvin-at-Florida type role.

If Gore departs and Carlos Hyde has a chance to become the man, Spiller would be an intriguing second option, but I also think for his potential price, he would be too much of a luxury addition. If the 49ers had a specific plan in place for him, that would be great, but I think he ends up getting a decent amount of attention on the open market.

If Gore walks, the 49ers will need to find at least one more running back. Carlos Hyde and Kendall Hunter are under contract. Beyond that, the team could go for a day two or day three draft pick, or just find a veteran who can spell Hyde on occasion. Hyde is built to be a workhorse back, but ideally they found a complementary backup, be that Hunter or anybody else out there.