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NFL mock draft 2015: Who is your defensive lineman of choice for the 49ers?

2015 NFL mock drafts have increasingly had the San Francisco 49ers drafting a defensive lineman in the first round. If they did that, who would be your lineman of choice?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft is officially one month away, kicking off on April 30, 2015. Mock drafts remain in high gear, and for yet another week, we have the SB Nation NFL mock draft sending Arik Armstead to the San Francisco 49ers. Dan provided the following rationale for the pick:

The 49ers need to replace both Justin Smith and Ray McDonald on the defensive line. When a team runs a 3-4, a lot of times you're projecting how a player fits into the system. With Armstead, you don't have to. He has experience as a 3-4 end and the traits any team would want in that system. While his play was spotty at times, he can be downright dominant in the run game and should continue getting better.

Earlier last week, I submitted Malcom Brown as the 49ers pick at No. 15. I think defensive line makes a lot of sense given the potential long-term outlook. The question though is who that guy might be. If the 49ers did go with a defensive lineman, who do you think it would be? Brown and Armstead have been the two most frequently mentioned names. Danny Shelton has gotten some play as well, with SiriusXM NFL radio having the 49ers trade up to No. 13 to grab Shelton. There are a few people who have mentioned Eddie Goldman as well. Leonard Williams is the biggest name on the draft board, but he is likely going in the top two or three picks.

With all those names in mind, who is your defensive lineman of choice if the 49ers went with that at No. 15, or even moved up? Or would you prefer they wait and grab a diamond in the rough in the middle rounds? Jim Tomsula may be the head coach, but his defensive line background could still bode well for the right middle or late round pick.