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Kurt Warner talks Colin Kaepernick and flag football

Kurt Warner spent one day a week for ten weeks working with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. We've got some more comments from Warner about the work.

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Over the weekend, I came across a brief mention about Kurt Warner's work with Colin Kaepernick. Warner talked a bit about engaging Kap's lower half to develop touch. He also said it is hard to say just how much Kap will change given how long he has been playing in one manner before this.

It turns out there was a more extensive version of the interview out there. Kurt Warner was in Phoenix at the annual owners meetings to promote next year's Super Bowl 50. It appears he sat down with a handful of media on this. USA Today Sports reporter Jim Corbett has a more extensive look at Warner's comments on Colin Kaepernick.

Warner did try and temper expectations, but these comments provided a little more detail on where things have improved, to some extent. Warner talked about having some folks out for a corporate charity event involving flag football.

"We had some guys come out from the office playing in my corporate charity event, and there were a couple of times where I went, 'Whoa! Was that a little bit of touch I just saw? ... Colin laughed and told me, 'We're not out here working for nothing.'

"The situation forced him to throw with a little more touch. He couldn't throw it as hard as maybe he wanted to with those corporate guys."

It's obviously a lot different making these throws in a random flag football game as compared to making them in the middle of an NFL game. But little things like this are at least positive to hear about. Well, unless you think Kap playing in a corporate flag football game is a waste of time and he should WATCH MORE FILM!!!

But seriously, we'll start to find out more in the coming weeks and months, and there should be something for the media to see when they are at practices this summer.

Warner and Giles have gotten Kaepernick to sink his hips to lower his narrow, upright throwing posture. They've also helped him re-set his feet to help him cycle through reads more effectively and loft passes over linebackers to drop the ball into tighter windows.

It's safe to say after the first couple preseason games, there will be some film breakdown comparing now to a year ago. We'll see what kind of difference it brings.