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49ers fans should be oh so wary of April Fools pranks

March is rapidly coming to a close, and that means the 2015 NFL Draft is less than a month away. Of course, the more important short term consequence of the end of March is April 1. That means April Fools Day, which is always a day for shenanigans.

The San Francisco 49ers offseason is rolling along, and thankfully has quieted down to some extent. However, the past three months have been exhausting to say the least. We had Jim Harbaugh departing, Jim Tomsula getting promoted, Patrick Willis and Chris Borland retiring, Justin Smith maybe retiring and Frank Gore departing. And that doesn't even cover everything. Those are just the high points (or low points, if you'd prefer).

People will be posting April Fools pranks throughout Wednesday. There are usually fake news sites that spring up, and some fairly notable site will probably come up with something to have some fun. But I think John Oliver sums it up best, April Fools is for sociopaths!

For 49ers fans, crazy headlines are not going to be all that crazy. We'll see something that in most years would clearly be a joke, but given how the last few months have gone, we'll give it a little more credence. With that in mind, if you see anything over the next 24 hours that otherwise might seem a little crazy, double and triple check it. I'll be doing the same in hopes of not getting tricked into some kind of nonsense.