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NFL Draft analysis on fine display during Jameis Winston Pro Day

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston went through his Pro Day on Tuesday, throwing numerous passes in front of a ton of scouts and media. NFL Network put his performance on TV, which meant we got some analysis from their people.

There were some interesting comments from Kurt Warner about his mechanics, and other discussion that was at least of some use. Pro Days only have so much value, but there are at least some things to look out for on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, NFL Network's extra coverage also meant we got some of the ridiculous stuff. Here are a couple examples:

I'm glad Winston got bottles of water for his receivers, but I don't think we want to be basing draft decisions around that. Although, if the Bucs have Mariota and Winston even on their draft board, it would entertain me to no end if the tie-breaker was Winston bringing water bottles to his teammates.

Whatever the case, we have 30 days until the 2015 NFL Draft kicks off. Pro Days are slowly coming to a close, with this being the last really full week of performances. It will be interesting (by which I mean annoying) to see how NFL Network and ESPN fill the next few weeks of draft coverage. They always find a way to come up with plenty of nonsense, it's just a matter of what floats right into their wheelhouse.