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Ray McDonald court case remains a bit of a question mark

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald may or may not face charges in connection with the sexual assault investigation. Will he be playing anywhere in 2015?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers released defensive tackle Ray McDonald last season due to his connection with a sexual assault investigation. McDonald has not been arrested or charged in the investigation, and now there are some conflicting reports on his status with the Santa Clara DA's office. According to his agent, Tom Condon, the DA will not pursue charges. After that statement, the DA's office released their own statement in which they said no decision has been made in the situation.

I imagine one reason Condon said something is that teams have said they want to wait for resolution on the matter before they sign McDonald to a contract. I don't think Condon is just making this up. My guess is the DA released their own statement is to cover themselves and eventually they will release a statement that McDonald will not be charged.

It will be interesting to see what kind of market develops for McDonald. He is not exactly a high profile guy, but he was having arguably the best season of his career before he was released. Teams are usually willing to look past off-field issues if a player can produce, but obviously the last year's issues across the NFL have made this less clear. Will McDonald be playing in the NFL in 2015?