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Jed York needs to stop talking about Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh joined Tim Kawakami for a podcast a few weeks back, and his comments brought some fireworks. He said the 49ers made it clear before the end of the season that he would not be back in 2015. He said he was fine with them saying it was mutual, but his comments to Kawakami made it sound like he agreed to that after it became clear he was not welcome back.

Jed York was given a chance to respond to that comment, and well, that tweet above gives you an idea of what he said. York was at an event in San Francisco on Thursday, and based on Ann Killion’s timeline, it appears she asked him during or after the event.

Jim Harbaugh obviously was the first person to say something, but Jed York could have handled his own response better. It is entirely possible Jim Harbaugh is lying about every aspect of this. Given how this has all played out, anything is possible, and I won't put anything past anybody. That being said, York should have said, "I’m sorry he feels that way" and just left it at that. Saying, "I have a signed agreement that says otherwise" just strikes me as the wrong thing to say.

Does he actually think saying something like that will make people think, "Oh, well, since you said that, OK, that’s enough for me." I get that York has his signed document, but why not just be the bigger man? It seems he is likely to be ripped no matter how he response, but personally, if he had just said, "I’m sorry he feels that way" and moved on, I would not have seen anything worth discussing. Instead, he issues a bit of a flippant response that just continues this stupid crap.

I suppose I could just ignore it myself, but I found it kind of embarrassing to see the war of egos between these two continue. Whomever you are inclined to believe, it is just ridiculous that it continues along. My guess is that this might actually be the last comment. I suppose Harbaugh could get a little dig in somewhere along the way to start it back up, but hopefully this is the end of the nonsense.