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Bears trade Brandon Marshall to Jets for 5th round pick

The Chicago Bears were rumored to be shopping wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and it would appear a deal is already done. The team is sending him to the New York Jets for a fifth round draft pick, pending a physical. The AFC East adds a little intrigue.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

That was certainly quick! The Chicago Bears have traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets for what is being reported as a fifth round pick. The trade cannot become official until next Tuesday when the new league year starts.

Word got out on Thursday that the Bears were looking to move Marshall, and they appear to have taken care of business quickly. I discussed the news yesterday, and addressed the idea of the San Francisco 49ers looking into Marshall. Given his $7.5 million base salary this year, I was not expecting to hear much connecting the 49ers, but it was certainly something we could dream about!

Instead, Marshall gets banished to the Jets. I suppose we could see some improvement from them, and getting Geno Smith (or potentially Marcus Mariota) more weapons is certainly a good thing. Nonetheless, it is still the Jets. The Bears turned into a dumpster fire last year, so maybe a change of scenery will help Marshall.

I had planned on posting this earlier, but site issues slowed things down. However, in the time since I first started to write this, some speculation has floated around as to whether or not Jay Cutler could also be headed to the Jets. There does not seem to be anybody sourcing anything, but it is fun to at least consider the possibility of Jay Cutler and the New York media.