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Jim Harbaugh visits with Oakland Athletics, gets work in as first base coach

Jim Harbaugh can even coach baseball, you guys.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh returned to the Bay Area on Saturday ... to be a baseball coach. Harbaugh was invited to spend some time with the Oakland A's on Saturday, and actually went on to put in a couple innings' work as first-base coach against the Los Angeles Angels at HoHoKam Stadium.

Harbaugh appeared, in full uniform (including high socks) wearing a No. 4 jersey. He was invited by A's manager Bob Melvin, who himself was invited to several 49ers games throughout Harbaugh's tenure with the team. Harbaugh spoke with the A's players and found himself on the field for multiple innings in Saturday's game.

Harbaugh said that Saturday is a great day for basketball, and said that the Athletics would be "very aggressive," and that they should "go for two," according to John Shea of SFGate. Speaking of Shea, he also posted a picture of Harbaugh out there in action:

There's plenty of other anecdotes from this visit to be read. This post from ESPN has some quotes and pictures, and there's even more pictures here. I personally like the bit about Harbaugh also brought out the A's lineup card for the game. I gotta say, stuff like this really makes me miss the guy, especially when he's so close!