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Frank Gore plans to sign with Eagles when free agency opens, per report

It looks like Frank Gore will indeed don a non-red and gold jersey next season.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

We've had several posts on Frank Gore over the past 24 hours or so, but we may only need one more at this point. First, there was reported interest by the Philadelphia Eagles, then strong mutual interest and then reports that the San Francisco 49ers were bracing to lose Gore. Now, Gore has told people he will sign with the Philadelphia Eagles once he's allowed to, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Gore will be free to sign with the Eagles at the start of the new league year on Tuesday, when free agency officially opens proper. It's not a surprise that Gore is going elsewhere given the fact that the 49ers want to usher in the era of Carlos Hyde, but I'm a little surprised at the contract numbers. Philadelphia is offering Gore $5 million per year on average, with $7 million guaranteed, according to a report from Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports.

Update: Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports it's a three-year deal with $7.5 million guaranteed over the course of the first two seasons.

I imagine the 49ers offered Gore something that wasn't hugely less than $5 million per year, but I can't imagine they met those guarantees or offered him more than a one- or two-year deal, with nothing guaranteed on the back end. But at the end of the day, Gore is more valuable to the Eagles, who will let him have as many carries as he wants to nom.

San Francisco is likely now in the market for a running back, though it's unclear what they're looking for at this point. There's been reported interest in C.J. Spiller, and that would make sense if they're looking for a two-back approach that doesn't include two power runners. It seems like Torrey Smith is the team's top target on the open market right now, but I imagine a running back isn't too far behind him.