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49ers rumors 2015: Colin Kaepernick on the trade block? Uh ...

So this one is pretty out there, you know? But hey, what's a ridiculously insane mind-blowing crazy rumor in the late evening/early morning among friends?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have been through a ridiculous offseason thus far. The Jim Harbaugh, Jim Tomsula and Jed York stuff has been so ridiculously over the top, it can't possibly get any more bizarre. That's why, when I saw this report a short while ago, I immediately suspected it was a joke. The report is such: the 49ers have placed quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the trade block, according to Jayson Braddock of KBME SportsTalk 790 in Houston.

That's right ... Braddock is reporting that Kaepernick is on the trade block, and a follow-up Tweet suggests that two teams have already inquired (and a third Tweet suggests one of those teams is the Philadelphia Eagles). Thus far, other national media have pointed out the report, but have offered no opinion one way or the other as to its legitimacy. Thus far, nobody of any impressive credibility has confirmed Braddock's report -- I seem to recall Braddock being reliable in the past but this is obviously on another level.

Update: General manager Trent Baalke "strongly denies" that the 49ers are shopping Kaepernick, according to Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area. Mike Garofolo of FOX Sports reported that the 49ers aren't shopping him, but that he can't so for sure if teams haven't inquired.

Update 2: Now with a fresh statement from Baalke, which could mean literally nothing given what's happened thus far but hey here it is:

But hey, let's look at this as though it's true. Kaepernick has a pretty big contract, but it's also heavily weighted in favor of the 49ers -- Kaepernick makes the most money when he's playing well. The 49ers currently have no other quarterbacks signed for 2015, as backups Josh Johnson and Blaine Gabbert are free agents. We are heading into one of the worst free agent quarterback classes in years -- Mark Sanchez headlined that list at one point this offseason, people.

Mark Sanchez.

The 2015 NFL Draft is also rather barren at the quarterback position. Beyond Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, guys the 49ers have no realistic chance at acquiring, it's a wasteland. Certainly, there's nobody there that the 49ers could draft and put into a starting role. Nobody that could, say, make the most of a potentially newly-signed Torrey Smith.

But hey, given the stupidity we've seen out of the 49ers organization since ... the beginning of last season, this would seem to fit right in, yeah? Let's ride this coaster and see where it goes. We'll update as this ... news ... develops.

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