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Source: Patrick Willis wants to get more involved with his church

Patrick Willis has dealt with numerous injuries throughout his career, but it appears his retirement is not due to either.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Ruthless Sports Guy reported at BASG that a source indicated Patrick Willis is retiring in part due to "a religious awakening of sorts". I can't confirm that is the only reason, but I am hearing from a source that he wants to be more involved with his church. I have heard that is strictly related to his church, and has nothing to do with his recent toe injury recovery.

If you follow Willis on Twitter, you might have noticed in recent months that he has tweeted much more frequently on the subject of religion. I figured he was getting a little more religious, but never thought that it would result in his decision to walk away from football. He has dealt with a toe injury lately, and has a history of broken hands, but it sounded like his rehab was going well on the toe.

This is a very painful loss as a fan, but I can only wish Patrick nothing but the best as he takes the next step in his life. Football has been his career, and likely been a big part of his identity at times. He seems to have found something to add further meaning to his life. I am not an overly religious person, but I will not begrudge someone else the choice of making that a major focus of their life.