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What April 1 means for 49ers salaries, roster bonuses and more

The San Francisco 49ers had a handful of base salary guarantees and bonuses due on April 1. We break down where things stand.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL calendar has officially turned to April 1, and for the San Francisco 49ers that means salary cap implications. When the 49ers negotiate contracts, they frequently include a variety of guarantees that kick in on April 1. They are factored into the salary cap figures, but they become official today. They include guarantees of full and partial salaries, as well as some roster bonuses. They break down as follows, according to Jason Hurley:

Entire base salary guaranteed

Colin Kaepernick - $10.4 million
Antoine Bethea - $3 million
Anthony Davis - $1.85 million
Tramaine Brock - $1.85 million

Ever Since Colin Kaepernick signed his contract extension last year, we've heard the chatter about how easy it is for the 49ers to get out of the deal. When the team made the change from Jim Harbaugh to Jim Tomsula, that chatter picked up, with trade rumors entering the mix. Now that Kap's 2015 salary is guaranteed, we get to move on to hearing about whether or not he'll be back in 2016. If he can show some strong improvement this year, that chatter will hopefully die down a little bit. But if he does not show enough improvement for some people, it will continue on.

The most interesting of the guarantees probably belongs to Tramaine Brock. He is not guaranteed a crazy amount of money, but that is a sizable chunk of change. I saw a few people mentioning how he could potentially be a roster cut later this fall if the 49ers find a big name cornerback in the draft. While anything is possible, if Brock can stay healthy (always a concern with toe injuries), he is a bargain as a starting cornerback.

Portion of salary guaranteed

Anquan Boldin - $3 million
Bruce Miller - $819,000
Phil Dawson - $500,000
Kendall Hunter - $100,000

The most interesting one here has to be Bruce Miller. The fullback was arrested for spousal battery. We have not heard any updates since March 12, and the 49ers have said they are investigating the matter. I suppose the team could try and push back on the salary guarantee if he ends up getting convicted (or pleading guilty) on this charge, but for now, he remains on the roster and this process moves forward.

Roster/option bonus

Joe Staley - $6 million option bonus
Daniel Kilgore - $600,000 roster bonus

Joe Staley has this option bonus, and then a $4 million option bonus next year. This one accounts for $1.2 million in cap space per year over the remaining years of the contract, and next year's bonus will add another $1 million in cap space per year. This has already been factored in to the team's salary cap space and projections.