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Miami WR Phillip Dorsett drops below 4.3 in 40 yard dash at Pro Day

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Miami had their Pro Day on Wednesday, and wide receiver Phillip Dorsett had a big day. He improved on his 40-yard dash, and also added to his vertical and broad jumps.

Pro Day 40 times should be considered with a certain grain of salt. The NFL Combine provides a relatively neutral environment, indoors with only air conditioning running. At a school, there is always the potential for wind to aid in the run. Sometimes we'll get a heads-up if it was wind-aided, but there is no word at this point.

I bring up Dorsett's performance because the 49ers met with him at the NFL Combine. Dorsett was on 95.7 The Game back in mid-March, and he referred to it as a "formal meeting". He said he thought it went really well, and went into some details about what was discussed.

Since that interview, the 49ers signed Torrey Smith, who will provide deep threat potential. I don't think that will stop the team from grabbing another deep threat, but the urgency is not quite the same. Dorsett has put together a strong offseason in preparation for the draft. We could say he's "boosted" his draft stock, but in reality, all we can see is he boosted his stock as far as the media is concerned. We'll see if it's enough to get him into the first round, or if he maybe slips down to the 49ers second round pick.