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Peter King NFL mock draft has 49ers grabbing Marcus Peters

Peter King sees the 49ers going secondary with their first pick. Does it make sense, or do you see another position happening?

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

One of the issues with NFL mock drafts is that different people look at their mocks with different perspectives. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Most people are looking at it as who they think the team "should" draft. Others try and interpret history to figure out who a team "will" draft. And some national media try and use their sources to figure out what the scuttlebutt says will happen.

Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Peter King is a guy with a wide assortment of contacts. He has spent decades in the league, so he knows a few folks. In putting together his 2015 NFL mock draft, he wanted to use a lot of the little things he has heard. Of course, as is the case with virtually all mock drafts, figuring out what 32 different teams want to do is next to impossible. It remains a fun thought exercise, but it is mostly just throwing crap against the wall.

In his 2015 mock draft, King has the 49ers drafting Washington cornerback Marcus Peters. King is not the first to do it, and he won't be the last. He had a fairly basic bit of analysis on the pick:

Had his share of off-field problems in Seattle, but the Niners are used to dealing with those. Chris Culliver-for-Peters is a very good off-season deal for new coach Jim Tomsula.

Cornerback remains the easy pick for mock drafts, but there are plenty of ways the 49ers could go. Now that we are into April, I've put up a poll considering what position the 49ers will select with their top pick (to factor in a potential trade down).

For those curious about Peter King's mock drafting "skills", he has generally been all over the place with 49ers picks. In 2014, he projected Indiana wide receiver Cody Latimer. I couldn't find his 2013 mock, but in 2012 he went with Stanford tight end Coby Fleener (but said they "should" pick Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill), and in 2011 he had the 49ers trading down and going with cornerback Prince Amukamara (but said they "should" pick TCU quarterback Andy Dalton).