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Ronald Curry and 49ers scout attended Amari Cooper performance at Alabama Pro Day

The San Francisco 49ers were recently connected to Amari Cooper in a trade rumor. Now it turns out their wide receivers coach was at Cooper's Pro Day performance. Does it mean anything?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In news that is not remotely surprising, the San Francisco 49ers had representatives on hand for the Alabama Pro Day. Where it gets at least a little interesting is that wide receivers coach Ronald Curry was one member of that contingent. He was joined by Southern regional scout Bob Morris, and probably a handful of other people.

Ryan Sakamoto from captured some video from the Alabama Pro Day. The video is an ESPN segment in which Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are discussing wide receiver Amari Cooper. At the 24 second mark, the video cuts to Cooper walking near Curry and Morris.

The 49ers were connected to Amari Cooper recently with a rumor the team is interested in potentially moving up to grab him. Curry's presence at the Alabama Pro Day does not make that any more of a certainty, but it does make me a little bit more curious. If the 49ers were going to move up for Cooper, it would cost the team some valuable draft picks. The only way they do that move, if at all, is if they are 100 percent certain about Cooper. Curry would be working Cooper as much as anybody, so it makes a lot of sense to send him as part of that process.